Asbestos Testing

Lead, asbestos and bio-hazard cleanup can add a layer of complexity to any restoration. Fortunately, All Phase Restoration has the experience, certifications and know-how to handle these environmental concerns, so you don’t have to.

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Because it was commonly used in building materials prior to 1978, your home or office may require lead testing before any demolition can take place. All Phase Restoration has EPA-certified lead inspectors as well as RRP-certified renovators and can handle the abatement of lead-containing materials following a loss in your home or office.


Even though asbestos isn’t used much in manufacturing anymore, it was once a very popular insulator and can still be found in some imported building materials. This means that in many cases, asbestos testing is necessary before any demolition can be done following a loss. All Phase Restoration is EPA- and State of Colorado-certified to test for asbestos. We also have relationships with abatement firms that allow us to handle remediation smoothly should asbestos be found in your home.

If building, replacing or demolition is in your immediate future, be sure to contact us regarding asbestos testing. Besides being certified, All Phase Restoration will determine what areas of the building or home are more likely in need of testing. The state of Colorado requires strict standards when it comes to renovations and remodeling in regards to asbestos testing. Regardless, of whether your home or building is old or new, asbestos testing is critical:

  • The materials used in and around the building process of the original structure may contain various forms of asbestos.
  • We can work with you on determining what testing needs to take place with the proper safeguards in place.
  • It is never recommended to gather suspected material for testing. You may not know or worry about the severity of the minerals being touched.
  • If replacing the:
    • Roof
    • Fireplace
    • Vinyl Floors
    • Hot Water Pipes
    • Coal Furnaces
    • Drywall

And additional areas that require breaking through building materials to modernize your home, or update your building it is suggested to contact us for proper asbestos testing.

In the event of asbestos build-up, the path of self-handling by the owner can lead to dangerous deposits being upset and spread. All Phase Restoration is experienced at not only handling asbestos removal, but preventing dangerous deposits from spreading. Wetting asbestos in itself is a messy endeavor, a process our professionals handle, instead of placing yourself or your family members in danger. Many homeowners and building owners may not know the proper methods of asbestos removal, including the safe disposal of this carcinogenic substance. We can also help you contact the proper agencies in Colorado.

If portions of the residence or building were damaged by…

  • Fire
  • Flood or water damage
  • Old building materials

…then it is essential to contact us to perform the proper removal aspect once the testing has taken place. The area of removal will be safely closed off for you, your family or employees and visitors.

Instead of second guessing these motions, All Phase Restoration takes the guess work out and handles the disposal once the process of asbestos testing and removal is complete.


We understand that bio-hazard and trauma cleanup require a high degree of compassion and professionalism above all else. Our technicians are trained not only in the latest techniques and equipment necessary for bio remediation, but also in customer service to serve you and your loved ones best. As time is another crucial factor, we can mobilize and address the situation as soon as you call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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